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LYSA News, Lake Yosemite Sailing Assn. has contracted the use of the house in front of the docks at the lake.

What this means is……When LYSA hosts regattas you can now camp at the lake.

We can hold meeting at our Clubhouse, BBQ, and Socials. Covered storage, and lot storage will be made available.

>Dock construction and repair scheduled for the month October

>Summer Thursday racing series is over Eyberg/Goldfoos Dingy class and overall winners, sailing our 505 Morning Wood

Race News


LYSA Regatta Report Steve Eyberg

LYSA’s first regatta in a long time was held May 15 & 16 at Yosemite Lake.

The racers came from all over California, however most were from the Central Valley. The strong and gusty winds provided entertainment for both racers and spectators. Saturday offered four races and Sunday would provide that finial race and the closing ceremonies.

The Saturday evening BBQ was moved to Allan and Cydne Grimsby’s hone near the lake, due to high winds at the lake. Once again people claimed they would come for just the dinner. Many Thanks to Conrad and Cindy Fournier for a wonderful meal.

Daysailor’s were the first class to start with Banshees second and the Force 5’s third.

Daysailor's put on some very good racing, from the shore we could see the top positions being traded back and forth. The last race was very close, and ended with a dual between "Happy Landing’s" and "Family Team France", where Franck, Valerie and Crew (their three children) were able to pull off the heat win, however it wasn’t enough to upset the overall winners Brook Wilson and crew in Happy Landing’s

Daysailor Results

Place Name Total Points From

1st Brook Wilson 9 points Fresno

2nd Franck Mangin 11 points Santa Clara

3rd Mark Davis 16 points Fresno



The Banshee fleet all from the Sacramento area and all friends and members for the Folsom Lake Yacht Club were a group of great guys and good sailors. Craig Lee broke this gooseneck pin at the end of the first race and win. With the help and support of a few local sailors and some stainless parts, Craig was able to re-enter the regatta just in time for the second race without skipping a beat.


Banshees Results

Place Name Total Points From

1st Craig Lee 9 points Sacramento

2nd John Poimiroo 14 points Sacramento

3rd Keith Steele 20 points Sacramento



The Force 5’s, I can say we had a week turnout due to sailors competing in SF Bay on larger boast during the same weekend. However those that did show up overcame many obstacles.

Michael mashed his hand, Scott broke his centerboard and I had asked Chuck to race my boat because two boats didn’t show up. Chuck never sail a Force 5 before this event, his local lake knowledge paid off even after his near pitch pole wipeout and recovery to still take first.

I want to give a personal thank you to Dr. Tom Bryant for coming out in the last minute to help round-out the fleet, only to break the gooseneck pin, flip the boat and go home wet.

Thanks Dr. Tom.

Place Name Total Points From

Force 5s:

1st Chuck Rockhold 9 points Merced

2nd Scott Wilder 11 points Orinda

3rd Michael Daley 16 points Oxidental


We as a club can look back on what went right and how to improve for next year, Brook Wilson Past FYC Commodore sail it best, You should be proud, your club has a great energy level and you have added details making this event special.

I say not bad for our first regatta, and THANK YOU ALL for helping, Sharon, John, Billy, Tim & Ruth, Jay and Diane, Amy, Ed "case" Green, Dorothy, Dave, Katie Louie and Ruth Wagner from Fresno Yacht Club, Johnny with MCP&R, and everyone on the shore making sure the event ran smooth. Thank you for all your help and support

And lets not forget our sponsers, Merced County Time John and Kathy Derby, and Merced County Bank, without you support is wouldn’t have happened

And the generous gift for the raffle provided by WEST MARINE of Stockton, and Photos by Jay Sousa Photography of Merced. Adult beverage provided by Budweiser of Merced "The King of Beer" So mark your Calendars for May 20-21 2000 for the next LYSA Regatta


Thanks again

Steve Eyberg

LYSA member & Force 5 Pacific Region Class Representative



46th Annual High Sierra Regatta

Huntington Lake, Huntington, Cailf.

July 10-11

Hosted by Fresno Yacht Club Regatta Chairperson Dave McAlistor


Force 5

10 boats per registered


1- Scott Wilder

2- Tim Blockinger

3- Steve Eyberg

4- Dave Blumhorst


High Sierra Regatta Week 1 Update; By Judy Blumhorst July 28, 1999 small modification by Steve E

In unusually light winds for Huntington Lake, the ability to read the whispers of wind paid off with a first place for Scott Wilder, a second place for Tim Blockinger, third for Steve Eyberg, and forth for Dave Blumhorst, fifth for Robin Easton. Beautiful redwood and brass trophies were awarded to the top four finishers in the Force 5 class.

Saturday, an hour before the race, the wind was about 15 mph and there was a slight chop on the 5 mile long lake. The countdown for the first race started at 11 am, with 180 boats of different classes zipping around in the free zone 100 yards behind the starting line. The Force 5's started with the Banshees and Lasers on a crowded starting line of about 30 boats.

The first leg of the 8 mile course was an upwind beat, and the wind died to practically nothing just as the leaders rounded the windward mark. It was a long, slow slog back downwind to the finish. So slow, in fact, that the race committee shortened the first race and canceled the second race originally scheduled for Saturday. Tim Blockinger took first, followed by Scott Wilder, Steve Eyberg , and Dave Blumhorst, in that order. Also finishing were Judy Blumhorst, Michael Daley, and Robin Easton. Jim Bahn, not a fan of sailing in dead air, decided to quit and relax on the beach.

Sunday's wind conditions were a repeat of Saturday's, caused by a very rare low-pressure system over Nevada, dumping monsoon-like rains in the desert in the middle of summer. Winds were promising at the start, but died before the pack reached the upwind mark. Scott took first place, beating Tim by just one boat length, followed by Steve and then Dave. Also finishing were Judy , Mike and Robin. Jim didn't start, when his outhaul broke minutes before the starting signal. With only two races completed, the race committee had a difficult decision to make on how to weigh the races. In the end, they decided to give top priority to Sunday's results, which gave the first place trophy went to Scott Wilder and the second place trophy to Tim Blockinger, even though they had equal numbers of points. It was such a great time getting all Force 5-er together again. With the race stopping early on Saturday we had a chance to visit over a few drinks, when dinner was served about 6pm we were primed and ready to rock. The dinner and dance party Saturday night was outrageous, with certain members of the Force 5 contingent barely behaving themselves. The DJ played great music till 1 am, and the F5-ers danced till the bitter end.

At the closing ceremonies the MC made reference to the Force 5-er by saying "this fleet knows how to have a good time I saw them on the dance floor last night". A reputation we will live with for years to come.

A big thank you goes to you the Force 5 fleet who made the trip, to FYC and Dave McCalister for another great regatta,


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